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Year 4

Seacole: Miss Fitzgerald

Curie: Mrs Saberton-Haynes and Mrs Lees



Welcome Year 4 to your new year group page! Here you will find everything you need to know about being in Year 4. 


Forest school days for both classes are Tuesdays and PE days are Thursdays. Information about swimming will come later in the year. 


Homework will go home on a Wednesday and is due back in school on a Monday. It will consist of a spelling list, times tables to focus on and maths and SPaG pages in the CGP books you will take home in the first week of school.


If you have any questions please ask,


The Year 4 Team




Week 1

This week we started by placing the key events of the Anglo-Saxon and Viking period in chronological order. We reminded ourselves that BCE meant before common era, or the time before the birth of Jesus, and that AD means anno domini, or in the year of our Lord. 



We also sketched Vikings by following step by step instructions, have a look at some of the results.







Week 1

This term we are learning all about rivers. In our first lesson we learned all about famous rivers from around the world. We leaned about why they were important to the countries they are found in and also identified them on a world map using atlases.  Here are some examples of what we learned!






Week 2

This week we learned about the journey of the river Thames. We learned that the source of the river is near Kemble and the mouth of the river enters the North Sea.  Here are some of our illustrations of the river's journey.




Week 3

This term we are looking at states of matter in science. Here are some examples of how we can sort materials into the three states.


Weeks 3-5

Over the last few weeks we have been creating a diorama of the river Thames. Here are some pictures of us in action and a video of the finished product.





video of river.MOV

Still image for this video

Week 6

This week we learned about the features of the river system.



In science this week we have been making observations on changes in state. We have learned about how a solid changes to a liquid and how a liquid changes to a solid.




Friday 8th November 2019- Outdoor Classroom Day!











We had an amazing time at the Vale and Downland Museum enjoying the Awesome Egyptians workshop. We handled some artefacts, learned the story of the first pharaoh Osiris, acted out the weighing of the heart ceremony and turned each other into mummies. We even wrote our names in hieroglyphs with sticks at lunch time! 









In art this week we learned all about Ancient Egyptian headdresses and what they symbolised. Then we created our portraits in profile as Ancient Egyptian pharaohs using photos of ourselves and oil pastels. 







This week we learned all about Ancient Egyptian mummification rituals and we tried them out ourselves! Don't worry, no children were harmed in the making of these mummies. 

1. First, we scooped out the middle of the tomato, just like the Egyptians removed the stomach, liver, intestines and lungs. 


2. Our next step was to create a mixture like the natron that the Ancient Egyptians used to embalm their mummies. We used a mixture of salt and bicarbonate of soda. 


3. Now we are leaving these tomato mummies in their plastic bag sarcophagus to see what happens during the mummification process.