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Hello Year 2! What an exciting week you all had - I am really proud to hear how sensible you have all been, and what great work you have done over this term. Please make sure you log in to Class Dojo so we can keep in touch while school is closed. Keep safe and look after yourselves and each other.

More photos of Rowling enjoying our shape work!

Wednesday 4th March

Year 2 have been enjoying their maths lessons about shape since we have come back after half term. Mrs Cresswell's group used cocktail sticks and mini marshmallows to create 3D shapes, talking about the edges (sticks) vertices (marshmallows) and faces (the flat surfaces) that were created. Rowling class also started to sort 2D shapes by 2 different features, such as number of sides and colour.

Friday 7th February


All of Year 2 have been enjoying our work on collage this term. Rowling class have collaged sea creatures and lighthouses, and Dahl have created this wonderful class version of the creatures around Black Rock!

This morning, we enjoyed showing off our statistics work to parents. We have been practising using tallies, pictograms and block diagrams. Rowling class even made some block diagrams on the tables!

Friday 24th January: We learned about Chinese New Year and made lanterns.

Friday 17th January 2020


Year 2 have been working hard this week on their maths, English and history. We have learned all about Grace Darling, and how she helped save nine people from a shipwreck. In maths, we have been practising our 2, 5 and 10 times tables. Rowling Class enjoyed making arrays from different equipment, and discovered that multiplication is commutative; it doesn't matter what order you write it!



In English, we continued thinking about the Secret of Black Rock. We pretended to be fisherman, telling the tale of the rock to stop Erin from going out to it. We had to use lots of effective adjectives!




10th January 2020

Rowling Class enjoyed writing similes to describe Black Rock today. We shared them with each other to edit and improve, then arranged them into a class version.


Black Rock is

As evil as a shadow,

As dark as ink and oil,

As sharp as a knife,

As spiky as a tiger's teeth,

As dangerous and spooky as midnight,

As dangerous as a dragon,

As dark as coal,

As spooky as Halloween,

As black as a scorpion,

As black as a tiger's black stripes,

As scary as a monster,

As dangerous as a gas sparked up,

As fearsome as a lion,

As dark as the dawn,

As strong as a mega mighty mech,


Guarded by dragons,

Wolves are howling on Black Rock as it strikes midnight.

It never stays in the same place.

It can be furious and dangerous.

8th January 2020


Welcome back! Year 2 have been getting into the pirate spirit with our new topic, Land Ahoy! We have been learning about the history of boats, and where the major oceans are around the world. Rowling Class were excited to learn about Sarah Outen, who kayaked, cycled and rowed her way all the way around the globe.


Today, we sang a pirate song, and thought about how to make up our own rhyming lyrics, inspired by Ten Little Pirates by Mike Brownlow. 


These were our words, can you think of any better ones?


When I was one, I ate a bun, the day I went to sea.

I jumped on board the pirate ship, and the Captain said to me,

We're going this way, that way, forwards and backwards,

Over the Irish Sea

A bottle of rum to fill my tum

And that's the life for me!


When I was two I went to the zoo

When I was three I climbed a tree

When I was four I slammed the door

When I was five I learned to drive

When I was six I ate pick and mix

When I was seven I went to Devon

When I was eight I met my mate

When I was nine I went to climb

When I was ten I built a den


Monday 16th December

We really enjoyed our trip to Cornerstone to see Pinocchio! Well done Year 2 for walking so sensibly to and from the theatre.

Friday 29th November

Year 2 have been learning and retelling the story of "Into the Forest" by Anthony Browne, in preparation for making up our own versions of it next week. Can you retell the story using the plan we drew?


Friday 8th November 

What an exciting end to the week! For outdoor learning day, we made sculptures and pictures from leaves, measured our magic potions, played team games with the parachute and made bird feeders for the Foundation Stage garden. See the photographs below. We also enjoyed our trip to the library on Wednesday - if you have taken a library book home, make sure to look after it and either return it to the library when finished or bring it back to school. We will be visiting Didcot Library again in the first week of December.

Sharing our picture books based on Grandad's Island

Friday 18th October

This week, we have been preparing to make our own picture books based on Grandad's Island. Thank you for your homework a few weeks ago in preparation, the children have been thinking really hard about their characters and their settings. We have planned out our stories and started to write some sentences ready to put into the books next week.

We thought of a simple sentence, then added some description with adjectives and more detail about when they happened with time conjunctions.


In our daily mental maths sessions, we have been practising our number bonds to 10 and 100. We enjoyed singing the number bonds song on BBC Supermovers! Next week we will be focusing on telling the time, so if you have an analogue clock at home, have a look at it together and talk about how the numbers are arranged, which way the hands move and how close to or past the hour the short hand is.


In Forest School this week, Rowling class cooked some pitta bread in the wood oven and dipped it in hummus. They were very sensible around the fire and they thought the bread was delicious! Thank you for making sure that your children have a waterproof coat and wellies for Forest School every week.




Friday 11th October


We had a great time yesterday inviting parents in to see what we have been learning in our Memory Box topic. Rowling classroom was transformed into a miniature Didcot with our DT projects, and in Dahl classroom parents looked through our sketchbooks, topic books and English books.

Friday 4th October


Today, Mrs Cresswell and Mrs Bayliss' phonics groups read a book called Ravi's Roar by Tom Percival. We compared it to Ruby's Worry by the same author. In this book, when Ravi gets angry he turns into a tiger! Year 2 did some fantastic discussion about how it feels to be angry, and times when being angry might lead you to make the wrong choices.
We wrote a review together for the website Toppsta. You can use this site to find books suitable for any age group, and even apply for free, newly published books. Rowling class were lucky enough to receive a book in the post today, called "Through the Animal Kingdom". Everyone was very keen to read it and write a review of it themselves! We also sent home our star reading bear to have a reading adventure at someone's house this weekend.

In science, we have started learning about everyday materials. Dahl and Rowling Class used words like transparent, opaque, waterproof and absorbent when we observed different materials carefully. 

We used our knowledge of suitable materials to start creating models of landmarks in Didcot. Can you work out which buildings these are?


Friday 27th September


This week, Year 2 have continued to practise music on the glockenspiels. We can play 2 note phrases on C/D and F/G, and enjoyed playing along to "I wanna be in a band". 


In maths, Rowling Class practised counting backwards, to help us with subtraction. We tested our partners to see whether they could tell us one more or less than a number on the hundred square.

Friday 20th September

This afternoon, Dahl and Rowling went for a walk around the oldest part of Didcot, comparing old and new houses. We found houses built in 1893, around the same time as our school, as well as thatched cottages and a 16th century house! Well done to Year 2 for showing they were ready, respectful and safe, following instructions and walking carefully near the roads.


Mrs Cresswell's Year 2 Reading group have been learning about Edward Lear and his limericks. We learned The Owl and the Pussycat by heart, using pictures to help us remember the words. Then, we read lots of limericks and chose our favourites. We had to read fluently and clearly, to record our own version.

There was an old man of Peru

Still image for this video

Forest School

Friday 13th September 


This week, we have started to find out more about our Memory Box topic. In history, we compared photographs of Didcot from different eras and sorted household items into past and present. We then found Didcot on different maps and looked at globes and atlases. Year 2 learned that we live in Didcot, in Oxfordshire, in England, the United Kingdom, Europe and then the Earth!


In PSHCE, we read Miss Morgan's favourite book - Odd Dog Out by Rob Biddulph. We thought about what makes us the same and different, then designed our own dogs!


We have continued to enjoy reading Grandad's Island, and have been making excellent inferences from the illustrations. Grandad has lots of objects in his house that give us clues to his travels, so today we talked about where we and our families have travelled. Thank you to those that brought in objects to share.


Friday 6th September 2019

Our first week of Year 2


Rowling and Dahl class have had a great first week back. The teachers were very impressed with how smart everyone looked, especially those already trying out the new uniforms! We have settled in well, and discussed our class rules of being Ready, Respectful and Safe. 


Year 2 have enjoyed going over to the Juniors for lunch. The new dinners are delicious and they have tried some new foods. Thank you to Friends of Manor for funding the new tables and benches.