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Maths Open Morning

7th February 2020


A massive THANK YOU to all that came to our Maths Open Morning!










Party Day

18th Dec 2019
















Elf Run

12th Dec 2019





Christmas Jumper Day

11th Dec 2019


We loved seeing all of your fantastic Christmas jumpers today and many thanks for your donations.

Christmas dinner was yummy too!











Outdoor Classroom Day

8th Nov 2019


What a fantastic Outdoor Classroom Day! We all had so much fun ... even though we were all a bit cold!

There was lots of great discussions, team work, sharing and laughter had by all. Throughout the day the children took part in various activities such as creating poppies using the plastic bottles you have all brought in for us; ball games to develop throwing, catching and passing skills; leaf collecting and printing to create our own colourful autumn tree; a sensory walk; hot chocolate and a biscuit by the fire and nature measurements.

We hope the children have lots of fun memories to share with you all.


Have a great weekend and keep warm!


















Library Visit

6th Nov 2019


This week, we have all been on a local walk to Didcot Library. The children have all been allowed to borrow up to 2 books each and have been explained the importance of looking after them. We will go back again in December but will let you know nearer the time when you need to bring the books back to school. If you decide to visit the library out of school hours; you may return the books your child has borrowed yourself.







Jonathan's Jungle Roadshow

23rd Oct 2019


Jonathan's Jungle Roadshow was a fantastic finale for the end of our Rainforest topic this term and we hope the children have been buzzing with excitement to tell you all about it! We got to meet and hold some incredible animals whilst learning lots of fun facts about them.


First we met Martha, the Giant African Millipede; who would

normally be found on the forest floor where it is dark and damp to prevent its body from drying out.  Millipedes are white when they are born and have no legs and they have a lifespan of about 10 years. Martha had 270 legs and about 540 claws, which felt like velcro when removing her off your hand. Giant Millipedes are not able to protect themselves from predators but when they feel they are in danger; they curl up into a ball and poo (apparently it is extremely smelly and can even stain your clothing PERMANENTLY!) 


Next we were introduced to two carnivores from Darkest Peru -  an 8 week old baby and Elvis the tarantula. Did you know female tarantulas can live up to 15 years but males only for 1.5 years and quite often the males are eaten by the females! Tarantulas have very sticky feet and can stick to any solid surface including our school whiteboard.  They also have shiny, sharp hairs on their bottoms which help protect them from predators who may be creeping up behind them. Jonathan even showed us some tarantula exoskeletons which are basically like an outgrown jumper which they moved out of!


We also met Emerald the stick insect who can be found in the canopy layer of the rainforest and Yoda the mossy gecko from the understory layer.


Tango the Tangerine Honduran Milk Snake from South America was a huge hit with the children and they were all super excited to have a hold and even get kissed by him (it felt like being tickled with a feather)! Tango uses his bright colours to warn away any potential predators as they assume he's venomous. Snakes like Tango are unable to close their eyes as they have no eyelids, so they are always fixed open, they also use their tongue for smelling.












09th Oct  2019


We had a super exciting surprise planned for Newton Class today; Mr & Mrs Pearson taught us Taekwondo!

Taekwondo is Korean martial art and focuses on strikes and kicks. 

We learnt front punches, high block and front kick as well  as how to count to 4 in Korean 'Hana, Dool, Set, Net.'


Don't worry, Redgrave have a surprise PE lesson arranged shortly too.