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If you have an urgent concern for a child call 999.

Meet our safeguarding team:

Designated safeguarding lead: Mrs Rebecca Butler

Deputy designated safeguarding lead: Mrs Jessica Robinson

Deputy designated safeguarding leads: Mr Steven Badger 

Safeguarding lead: Mrs Catherine Coster (Family Support Worker)

What should I do if I am concerned about a child’s well-being?

If you have a concern for the well-being of a child you can report your concerns to a member of our safeguarding team, or any member of our staff team. Any member of our staff team, who is not part of the safeguarding team, will help you find a safeguarding lead.

Alternatively you can contact the school safeguarding team via our phone numbers or emails:

01235 812762 (School office) or email:

07873 662963 (Direct line to Mrs Coster) or email:


What should I do outside of school hours?

If you have a concern out of school hours you can contact any of the following services:

South Oxfordshire Area Team - for open cases or no-names consultations: 01865 323041

The multi-agency safeguarding hub (MASH) online


Or by calling them on 0345 050 7666

Local and Community Support Service (LCSS) -No names consultation or Early Help assessment team: 0345 241 2608

MASH leaflet for parents

How do I deal with a disclosure?

Receive: Stop and listen

Reassure: Calmly reassure and remember not to keep secrets

React: Explain who you are going to contact with this information

Record: Make notes, record exactly what is being said, do not make judgements or ask leading questions

Report: Contact the safeguarding team or MASH

What do I do if I have a concern about a member of staff?

At school we take all concerns about staff members seriously. If you have a concern you can speak to us directly or you can call the LADO:

The designated officer for the Local Authority (LADO) is Alison Beasley: 01865 815956