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Read Write Inc. Phonics



At Manor Primary School we follow Read Write Inc. phonics which is a complete literacy programme which helps all children learn to read fluently and at speed so they can focus on developing their skills in comprehension, vocabulary and spelling. The programme is designed for children aged 4-7. It integrates phonics with comprehension, writing, grammar, spelling and handwriting, using engaging partner work and drama.


Phonics is one of the most important areas of learning and is fundamentally the way we teach children how to read and write. More information on Read Write Inc and useful resources can be found here



Children are assessed and taught in groups with other children according to their phonic level. These groups teach Set 1, Set 2 and Set 3 sounds, see the overviews below, click on each image to zoom in: 






How you can help at home:


  • Reading daily at home, read to them, listen to them read to you (even if they are not actually reading the words).

  • Talk about the stories you have read together, ask the children questions about them.

  • When speaking to them sound out some of the words and encourage them to blend it, for example “pass me the c-u-p”.

  • Children will be sent home with a phonics reading book that links with the book they are reading in lessons, please read this with them daily. 



 Once children move into the colour groups from Red onwards they will start to read more words to increase their vocabulary. The words are grouped as follows;


Green words - words that the children can decode (break down) and read.

Red words - words that are not phonetically decodable and therefore not easy for the children to break down.

Alien words - these are nonsense, made up words that the children practise to help them develop their decoding skills, the children know they are 'silly alien words'. 


If your child is now assigned to a colour group please click on that group below to help your child learn the green words at home. 

The Year 1 Phonics Screening Check: 


The Phonics Screening Check is a statutory assessment for all children in Year 1 and is usually carried out at the beginning of Term 6. The check consists of 40 words that the children read to a teacher in a quiet area of the school. This check assesses whether children can decode (break-down) and read enough words to an appropriate standard. It also highlights children who will need more support with this going into Year 2. If children do not pass the check in Year 1 they will be assessed again in Year 2. The pass mark for the last few years has been 32/40 however this is always subject to change and a higher pass rate can be implemented. 


Children will be prepared for this check throughout their phonics lessons however they will need to read at home to help prepare for this check. The Phonics Lead will keep you up to date throughout the year. 


Please click below to see an example of a phonics screening check. 



Phonics Screening Check 2019

Please regularly check your child's Class Dojo page for updates. You can also message your child's teacher directly via the Class Dojo pages if you have any questions.