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Monday 17th September 2018

Dear parents and carers,

We currently pay for all of year 3 pupils to learn the violin as part of our music curriculum, however we know that many parents like their child to continue to develop a love of music and either continue with this, or have an opportunity to learn a second instrument.
Therefore, in order to avoid parents needing to travel to lessons or give up family time out of school, we are happy to provide the facilities and curriculum time for any pupils who would like to have extracurricular music opportunities.

We currently have music lessons for the following instruments happening within school;
● Violin
● Orchestra
● Flute
● Clarinet
● Bassoon

Please note that the organising of these lessons and instrument hire is all done via the Oxfordshire Music Service, see the Oxfordshire Music Service webpage for more details on how to book lessons.

Unfortunately these lessons are currently only available for pupils in the junior school (Ks2) and we have recently had a number of requests about music opportunities for pupils in the infants (Ks1).

We would like to offer pupils private recorder lessons in Ks1. This would be taught in small groups of approximately six pupils and would be available for anyone in year 1 or 2.

The cost of the lessons would be £25 a term for 10 lessons. A recorder and music book would need to be purchased separately.

If you would like to register your interest to find out more information please complete this short form

Thank you

Mrs Robinson