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Governance Update - October 2018

Dear parents, community & children,


With lots of exciting developments ahead of us, we wanted to make sure that the vision and values of the school was revisited and that we ensured that the ethos of our school was renewed ready for the next generation of Manor Primary School pupils.

Achieving Together has been the school maxim for as long as staff and pupils can remember and was part of the schools Values Education status, awarded in 2005.


A lot has changed in education, society and Didcot over the last 13 years and we want to make sure that the ethos and values of Manor Primary School prepare our pupils for an ever-changing future.


It is important that regardless of changes within our school or in the Didcot community, Manor Primary School has a statement that can act as a lighthouse for staff, parents and pupils - guiding us all towards a common goal that reflects the expectations of our school community.


With this in mind we will be updating Achieving Together for 2018 and beyond with a new motto:


Grow - Aspire - Contribute


With six supporting values:

Courage & Independence

Ambition & Tenacity

Respect & Community


When will this change?

The new strapline will be added to our school documents after half-term. This will be alongside the current logo.

We will also be reviewing our PSHE schemes to check that our six values are written into our whole school curriculum and are part of the learning in each classroom.

Throughout the year you will see developments in our language with the pupils, our whole school learning environment and our expectations, to ensure that these values and our pledge to allow every child the opportunity to Grow, Aspire and Contribute are carried out in all we do.


Will the logo / uniform change?

The achieving together statement is part of our logo - which will now need updating. We will be talking to pupils about their opinions on the school logo and taking on board their suggestions and ideas.


We will then speak to our uniform providers to discuss our options. If we do decide to make any substantial changes to the uniform we will update you as soon as possible and include an expected time scale for changes. We know that uniform is not cheap and that many parents will pass uniform on to younger siblings. Therefore ANY changes would have at least a years flexible grace where both uniforms would be accepted.


What will this mean for my child?

We believe that the opportunity to Grow, Aspire and Contribute is an entitlement for every child and an essential part of our school ethos.


For your child this will mean;

  • Opportunities throughout their curriculum to learn about themselves and how they learn.
  • Opportunities throughout the year to think about their own ambitions and targets, developing a strong growth mind-set.
  • Opportunities to be an active member of the school community, as well as supporting the local community of Didcot, developing an awareness and knowledge of even wider issues such as events in the United Kingdom and beyond.
  • Six embedded values forming the foundation of our school topics, events and curriculum.


If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can contact us at