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March 2020 Shape

February 2020 Measuring

February 2020 Statistics

January 2020 Multiplication and Division

December 2019 Money

November 2019 Addition and Subtraction

September and October 2019

Addition and Subtraction

We will be using lots of mental addition and subtraction methods this term, as well as introducing the column method based on place value. This will be built upon for all operations in future units and in later year groups. The column method shows a number broken down into parts based on the place value of its digits and how these digits change as a result of another number being added or subtracted to or from it.

There is some key language that children will need to know as a part of the learning in this unit:

  • part, whole and part-whole
  • add, added, plus, total, altogether, sum, calculation, (+)
  • count, count on, count back, less
  • subtract, take away, minus, (–)
  • exchange, compare, greater than, less than, more, less, (>), (<)
  • ones, tens, 10 more, 10 less, place value, column, 1-digit number, 2-digit number
  • number sentence, number bonds, known fact, fact family


September 2019

Numbers to 100 (2 weeks)



Part-whole model: This model helps children understand that two or more parts combine to make a whole. It also helps to strengthen children’s understanding of number bonds within 100.


Number line: Number lines help children to represent the order of numbers. They will help children count on and back from a given starting point and help them identify patterns within the count.


Place value grid: Place value grids help children to record and describe how a number is ‘made’. This representation can empower children to more efficiently describe and order numbers.


There is some key language that children will need to know as part of the learning in this unit:

  •  less than, fewer, smaller, less 
  •  equal to, (=)
  •  greatest, biggest
  •  fewest, smallest
  •  tens, ones
  •  how many?, count, partition
  •  place value grid, part-whole model

We used equipment to make 56 in different ways