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Unit 3


18th Oct 2019

Number Patterns


Unit 2


4th Oct 2019

Today we have been learning how to add using the column method. Next week, we will also explore how the column method can be used for subtraction.



30th Sept 2019

Adding and Subtracting a 3 digit number and 10's.


In this lesson, children have been adding a multiple of 10 to a 3-digit number by using their knowledge of number bonds to add the 10's digits.



27th Sept 2019

Subtracting 1's from a 3-digit Number


We have been subtracting a single digit number where the subtraction bridges a 10. Children have understand how to exchange 1 ten for 10 ones.




24th Sept 2019

Adding and Subtracting a 3-digit Number and 1's


In this lesson, children have been adding and subtracting a single digit to and from a 3-digit number, using their understanding of place value.




Unit 1


18th Sept 2019

Ordering Numbers


Today the children have ordered three or more numbers up to three digits in length. They have also explored how to work out missing digits in lists of ordered numbers.


16th & 17th Sept 2019

Comparing Numbers


We have been comparing two groups of objects using <, > and = symbols.



13th Sept 2019

Finding 1, 10 and 100 more or less


In this lesson the children found 1, 10 or 100 more or less than a given number. They also found the original number given the increase or decrease.