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Home School Agreement

Our Home School Agreement


We believe that in order to ensure that all pupils achieve their potential it is essential that home, school and pupils work together in partnership.


By attending Manor Primary School parents, staff and pupils agree to the following;


School will try to:

  • Provide a safe and happy environment for all children.

  • Provide children with a high standard of education through a balanced and engaging curriculum.

  • Ensure that learning is stimulating and challenging.

  • Provide the scaffolding and support needed for children to reach their full potential.

  • Provide opportunities for children to develop positive social relationships, self-esteem and a sense of responsibility.

  • Ensure that children learn which behaviours are unacceptable and encourage the behaviours that are.

  • Be open and welcoming and offer opportunities for parents to be involved in the life of the school.

  • Communicate information regarding children’s progress, celebrate their achievements and detail how to support further.

  • Provide age-appropriate homework to support the curriculum.

  • Provide information about our school, events, workshops, newsletters, relevant policies and meetings.


Parent will try to:

  • Ensure that children arrive at school on time (8.45-8.55 am ) and attend at least 95% of the time.

  • Ensure that children are dressed in school uniform.

  • Help children to be prepared for lessons by providing PE kit and forest school kit when needed.

  • Let the school know of any concerns or worries that may be affecting children’s learning or behaviour, so that this can be resolved quickly.

  • Provide a safe, secure and happy environment at home for children, acknowledging that they learn at home as well as at school.

  • Attend meetings with my child’s teacher, aiming to be positive and productive, working towards moving learning forward.

  • Support and work with school to support the behaviour management policies of the school

  • Use social media responsibly:

  • Use photographs from school events of your child only;

  • Discuss the school in a positive light within the wider community;

  • Do not discuss children, other than your own


Children will try to:

  • Come to school regularly and on time.

  • Wear school uniform and look tidy.

  • Do school work and homework as well as I can and try to finish on time.

  • Look after our school and surroundings.

  • Follow class agreements and the school rules of ready, respectful, safe.

  • Be polite and respectful to others.

  • Bring the equipment needed for PE and forest school.

  • Behave well at all times and remember that I am representative of Manor Primary School all the time.