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Aspire & Contribute

Home School Agreement

Manor Primary School

Home School Agreement

2021 - 2022  


School will do our best to...

  • Provide a safe and happy school environment for all children.
  • Provide children with a high standard of education through a balanced and engaging curriculum.
  • Ensure that learning is stimulating and challenging.
  • Provide the scaffolding and support needed for children to reach their full potential including providing interventions and catch up related to COVID.
  • Provide opportunities for children throughout the school day to develop positive social relationships, self-esteem and a sense of responsibility.
  • Throughout the school day encourage positive behaviours and support children to learn about unacceptable behaviours.
  • Offer opportunities for parents to be involved in the life of the school.
  • Communicate information regarding children’s progress and celebrate their achievements.
  • Provide age-appropriate homework to support the curriculum including supporting home learning by providing high quality resources during any COVID related school closures.
  • Provide information about our school, events, workshops, newsletters, relevant policies and meetings.
  • Follow the latest DFE COVID guidance and engage with the NHS Test & Trace.


Parents will do their best to....

  • Ensure that children arrive at school on time and attend at least 95% of the time.
  • Ensure that children are dressed in full school uniform that is clean each day.
  • Provide daily opportunities for pupils to read at home - promoting a joy of reading.
  • Help children to be prepared for lessons by providing PE kit and forest school kit when needed.
  • Let the school know of any concerns or worries that may be affecting children’s learning or behaviour, so that this can be resolved quickly.
  • Attend meetings with their child’s teacher, aiming to be positive and productive, working towards moving learning forward.
  • Support and work with school to support the behaviour management policies of the school
  • Follow and support the schools COVID safety measures including engaging with the NHS Test & Trace.
  • Support and follow the Government guidance related to COVID to help reduce the risk to Manor Primary School families & staff
  • Use social media responsibly.
    • Use photographs from school events of your child only;
    • Discuss the school in a positive light within the wider community;
    • Do not discuss children, other than your own.


Pupils will do their best to....

  • Come to school regularly and on time.
  • Wear my full school uniform with pride.
  • Read each day at home.
  • Complete my school work and homework to the best of my ability.
  • Look after our school and surroundings.
  • Follow class agreements and the school rules of ready, respectful, safe. 
  • Bring the equipment needed for PE and forest school.
  • Be an ambassador of our school values (Ambition, Respect, Community, Tenacity, Independence, Courage)
  • Represent Manor Primary School in the local community - demonstrating our school motto of Aspire & Contribute.
  • Help keep myself safe by following the school’s instructions regarding COVID safety measures.