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Our Teacher is Miss Davies. 

Year 5 sleepover

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Year 5 sleepover 2
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Year 5 Term 6 Newsletter

Year 5 Term 6 Newsletter 1
Term 5 Year 5 Newsletter 

Term 4 Year 5 Newsletter (science updated)

Term 4 Year 5 Newsletter (science updated) 1

Term 3 Year 5 Newsletter



 On our homework page, you will find the CGP pages to be completed over the Christmas holidays. There is also the option to complete extra homework if your child would like to do this.


Christmas 'Extra and Optional' Homework


1. Winter Reading challenge. This will be sent home this week. See if you can complete each reading challenge. 

2. Interview a grandparent or parent about how the media has changed through the years - this can be recorded on paper, voice recording, PowerPoint, the choice is yours. 

3. Enjoy quality time with family - play a board game, go on a long winter walk, bake cakes! 


Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



Miss Davies 




Romeo and Juliet Performance


I want to say a big well done to Hawking class on their performance of Romeo and Juliet. Everyone involved worked so hard to learn their lines, find costumes, and develop their acting skills as well as developing stage presence. The growth in confidence I have seen in each and every child is phenomenal. I witnessed children that had never spoken in an assembly take on lead roles. As well as children wanting to work behind the scenes, decide they would like to be on stage. I hope you enjoyed the show as much as we enjoyed creating it! The children did a great job. 


Thank you for all of your support. 


Miss Davies


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Outside classroom day

We have had such a fantastic day. Who knew learning outside could be so much fun? The rain didn’t stop us as we headed out at 9:30. We took part in a times table treasure hunt which was so much fun! We played tug of war and had hot chocolate. We made up our very own game called  ‘Halloween Party’ which we all played along with. We read a story together in the outside classroom, played in the leaves and we completed lots of different kinds of art (sketching, printing, painting and sewing). We had lots of fun and we can’t wait to do it all again next year!!



Term 2 Year 5 Newsletter

Term 2 Year 5 Newsletter 1

Welcome back to term 2. 


I hope you had lovely half term breaks. I can see such an improvement with the play so a very big thank you for supporting your children at home with their lines. 

The children are having a reward on Friday for their hard work!


Keep learning your lines at home, even if you think you know them!!! Three weeks to go!



Miss Davies 

Romeo and Juliet 


Please practise your lines over half term! 

We return on Monday 29th October and that is only 22 days until the performance. 


Rewards for the children I can see have worked hard on this!


Happy half term!


Miss Davies 


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Term 1 Year 5 Newsletter

Term 1 Year 5 Newsletter 1