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Friends of Manor School


About Us:


We are a group of committed parents and family members who work hard to ensure that additional funding is raised to support the school. Thanks to recent headlines in the media, everyone is aware of the current national picture regarding school funding - a Parent Teacher Association has never been more important.


Our PTA is known as Friends of Manor (FoM for short). We are a parent run charity raising funds to provide children at the school with extra opportunities. Charity number: 1151150


We organise the Summer fete and Christmas bazaar, as well as discos and other events during the year. We also support the school by providing refreshments at events like school plays and sports days. Events are added to the school calendar when confirmed.


We also provide all the year groups with funding to arrange special experiences like trips and workshops - this helps ensure that every child benefits from the money we raise.

We would like all parents and carers to take part in our events and support the work we do. If all parents could help for just an hour every year, it would make a huge difference! Registering to help out at events would be a great start in supporting FoM.

Active members of FOM don’t necessarily need to attend meetings, just be prepared to help with events and activities in a way that suits them. There are different roles and activities you could take on.

If you are interested in helping or have any questions, please speak to the school office, a member of FOM or email

We are committed to ensuring that our PTA is representative of our whole school community - we welcome parents from all nationalities and backgrounds. 

Current role holders:

  • Chair: Sue Wilson
  • Treasurer: Michael Robertson
  • Secretary: Fo Krabben

We are always looking for people to help FoM, do let us know if you could be our Volunteer coordinator, Lottery coordinator or Marketing/publicity manager, or if you could help us at events!

Get in touch via

We have several ongoing initiatives to raise money:

Match funding: Do you work for a company that offers match funding, like e.g. Vodafone, Barclays, SGN or G4S? They could double the money we raised! Please get in touch.