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Summer Fete Fun!

05th July 2019


A massive thank you to all who came and supported our Summer Fete this afternoon.

We hope you had a wonderful time.





Sports Day

21st June 2019
















Fire Safety

06th June 2019


We had a surprise visit today from the Didcot Fire Station ... and they even brought their fire engine to show us all of the cool equipment inside! It was super exciting.

First, they gave us a talk about how we shouldn't be afraid of fire, as it has many good benefits such as keeping us warm, giving us light and it can cook our food. But, there was a very clear message that fire should not be played with and that if we do get fire on us, we should STOP, DROP and ROLL to safely put the flames out.

Some of us practised this at the front of the hall whilst Miss Morgan got to try on their fire safety clothing.


Next they taught us a song which goes:

'Matches, matches never touch. They can hurt you very much.'


We learnt that if you are the first person to hear the fire alarm, you need to shout 'FIRE FIRE' to wake up your household and to exit the building safely. Once you are in a safe place, you need to call 999 for help.

Did you know that if you do not have a smoke detector in your house; you can go to your local fire station and ask for one to be fitted for free


Let's all help to keep each other safe.






Outdoor Classroom Day

24th May 2019


Our second Outdoor Classroom Day was another great success, and this time the sun was shining!

In the morning we played lots of games such as What's the time Mr Wolf, Duck Duck Goose, Heads down thumbs up and with the parachute. We then went a mini beast hunt around the garden to see what creatures we could find and in which habitats. The children loved having a picnic lunch on the Junior field; spending time with friends and siblings and playing outdoor games with the equipment. After, each child hammered one bottle top onto the shed to help make a colourful butterfly mural and then did some seed planting before home time.





























National Autism Week

03rd April 2019


The children were really excited to be introduced to the story character 'Billy' during assembly this week.

In class, we shared some of our worries and created our own Worry Dolls to take home to help take our worries away.











World Book Day

07th March 2019









Christmas dinner and jumper day

19th December 2018




The Pied Piper

14th December 2018


The children had a fantastic time at The Cornerstone today watching The Pied Piper show.

Along the way, the children walked in pairs and had lots of discussions about what they could see in our local environment. 










   Christmas with the Aliens!

12th & 13th December 2018



What fantastic Nativity performances we have seen this week!

All of the children have worked so hard to remember their lines and to learn the songs and actions and they all looked amazing in their costumes!


Thank you so much for coming to watch our show - we hope you enjoyed it.


Here are some photos from our dress rehearsal earlier this week ...









Remembrance Sunday

06th November 2018


This week we have been talking about Remembrance Sunday and the significance of poppies and why we wear them. 

The children loved using different medias to create their own poppy picture for a display in the infant hall.




Outdoor Learning Day

01st November 2018










Mini First Aid Training

24th September 2018


On Monday, the children were lucky enough to become trained First Aiders!

They all took part in an interactive mini first aid course delivered by First For Safety, and were taught how to check the airways and breathing of an unconscious person. They had lots of fun trying out their new skills on the manikins and putting each other (and their teacher) into the recovery position! The children were also told how to contact the emergency services for help as well as learning about choking and burns.  


Playground Rules

19th September 2018


Today we talked about how we can help to keep ourselves and our friends safe during outdoor playtime. As a class we came up with some fantastic ideas and created some beautiful illustrations to remind us of the playground rules. 
















Roald Dahl Day

 13th September 2018  



A massive thank you to everyone who contributed to our Roald Dahl Day by creating these amazing props!

The children had a fantastic day participating in activities such as listening to some of Roald Dahl's most famous stories, creating bookmarks and making lots of Golden Tickets. They proudly showed off their props during show n tell and especially had fun trying on the BFG's ears!