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Term 4

This term our new book came to us wrapped in green tissue paper.



It was The Tear Thief by Carol Ann Duffy!



We didn't know the title to begin with and our teachers asked us to make inferences about the book just based on the cover. 

Term 3

We came in on the first day of term and had been left some clues to tell us what our new book was. We used Anglo-Saxon runes to crack the code.



In the chest was our new book!




In our first week we explored our new book, looking for clues on some of the pages.


We discussed the meaning of the word hero and what one might look like to us.



We even did some drama to decide whether the main character Arthur should go on a quest to find Thor.


Then we innovated the map of Arthur's journey to have him face other dangers.


Term 2

This term we had to guess what our book would be by using clues that hung from the trees. We worked out that all of the stories hanging from the branches all had happy endings!


This term our class book is ...


We read some of our new story, The Lost Happy Endings, then created painting based on the setting description from the story. They look pretty amazing!


Today the witch from the story came to visit us! We were shocked by how cruel and mean she was. We got the chance to ask her some questions to see if we could get to know her a little bit better.




We thought about how the witch feels on the inside and how she behaves towards others. We then made inferences to decide why she might feel and behave the way she does in the story.




This week we learned our WAGOLL off by heart, here is the story map that we used to help us.


We imagined the setting of the witch's lair and labeled them using the descriptive features that we have learned over the term.




Year 4 and Year 2 Buddy Reading


This term Years 2 and 4 have had the opportunity to share our reading books. We very much enjoyed coming together to share some of our favourite stories and to read with our new friends.







Term 1

This term we read a story called Grandad's Island by Benji Davies.


We wrote our own stories in the same style and shared them with Year 5.




Cosy Reading Fridays!