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Term 3

'Do you want to go on an adventure?'

The Adventures of Alice




The Human Body

13th Febraury 2019


Following on from our lesson on senses, we have been talking about and labelling our body parts.

Today, we took our lesson outside and used chalk to draw around each other on the ground.





13th February 2019

A very impressive dinosaur, drawn by one of the children in Simmonds class today.




The Story Museum

12th February 2019

















06th February 2019


In science today, we have been exploring a range of objects and materials with our 5 senses.

We touched and described pine cones; sea shells; natural logs; coral; felt; etc.

We tasted sweet and salty popcorn, lemon, bread sticks and chocolate sprinkles.

We smelt cinnamon sticks and vanilla extract.






Dress Up Day

04th February 2019










Polar Region Adventures




31st January 2019


We have been learning about Inuksuk sculptures; which are figures made from piled stones or boulders. They traditionally represent the culture of the Inuit people and were created for various reasons such as to warn of dangers; mark a place; store food or as religious figures.

An Inuksuk in the shape of a person signifies safety, hope and friendship.

Today we used water colours to make a beautiful background before sponge printing our Inuksuk figures next week.

We can't wait to share the end products with you all. 













30th January 2019

Today we have been learning about different materials and there properties. We discussed whether the materials were natural or man-made and then thought about what common objects are made from these materials. After, we went outside on a material hunt and found;

- wooden pallets

- rubber car tyres

- metal colanders and hand rails

- glass windows

- brick walls and

- plastic tubs







Arctic Polar Bear Paintings

25th January 2019


This afternoon, we finished off our paintings by adding the polar bears and lots of sparkles. 

I hope you like them as much as I do!






Arctic Polar Bear Paintings

24th January 2019


The children loved painting the backdrop for their Arctic polar bear paintings this afternoon.

They really carefully thought about the scene they were creating and paid great attention to the detail of the midnight sky and what brush strokes they wanted to use to show the icy mountains.

They are super excited for them to dry quickly so they can add their polar bears.






I am special

22nd January 2019


Following on from our recent PSHE lessons, where we have been discussing what qualities make a good friend: we have now moved on to what makes us special?

Here are some lovely self portraits and explanations about why these children are special to others.




Welcome to the Antarctic!

21st January 2019


Simmonds had a very chilly start to the morning as they arrived and had to take warmth and shelter inside our igloo!! Later on, we talked about Captain Robert Falcon Scott; who led two expeditions to the Antarctic. On the second trip in 1910, he and his team of explorers set sail, hoping to be the first people to reach the South Pole. The purpose of their expedition was to also learn more about the animals, the weather and the land of Antarctica. Unfortunately, they were beaten by a team of Norwegian explorers and due to severe weather conditions and lack of food; they never returned.

The Adventures with Paddington Bear



Instructional Texts

18th January 2019


This week, we have introduced the children to 'imperative verbs' which are also known as bossy verbs, as they tell you what to do. The children have been read incomplete sentences and thought about which imperative verb could complete the sentence. Here are some examples of the words the children came up with.

This supported their Big Write today where the children wrote instructions on how to make a marmalade sandwich.



How to make marmalade sandwiches

17th January 2019


The children worked with Miss Settle today to create a set of instructions on how to make a marmalade sandwich and then followed the steps to make a yummy afternoon snack.

Well done everyone for being brave and having a taste.







Which material makes the best boat?

16th January 2019


In our science lesson today we worked in groups to design and construct a boat made from either paper cups; styrofoam; lolly sticks or sponges. We explored the different materials and made predictions about which material would float or sink.  On Friday, we are going to put our boats to the test and see what happens when we leave them in water over the weekend and then write up our findings.











Friendship Potions

15th January 2019


This week, we have been talking about 'friendship' and thinking about what makes a good friend and how we can be a better friend to others. In our discussions the children thought the key ingredients to friendship were:

- Caring & sharing

- Helping each other

- Love

- Looking after each other

- Having fun

- Being kind & gentle

- Listening 


On Thursday, the children are going to create their own 'friendship potion' where they can add the ingredients which are important to them. Here's a sneak peek at tomorrows lesson.






What do you know about Peru?

14th January 2019


In our geography lesson this afternoon, we have been learning some facts about Peru.




... and ...

10th January 2019


We have been working on how the conjunction 'and' can extend and improve our sentences.





Paddington Paper Plate Craft

10th January 2019


The children loved getting creative yesterday and making their own Paddington Bear paper plate faces.

Can you spot yours?


All aboard - Didcot to Paddington Station!

09th January 2019


This morning the children collected their train tickets from their pegs, and set on off on their first adventure of 2019, to follow the clues of a mysterious map! Along the way we found a map of South America; a near empty jar of orange marmalade; a tasty marmalade sandwich and a special book of Paddington Bear.

Inside the classroom, there was a picture of Paddington Bear with his suitcase and passport ready to take us an our next adventure to Peru.







Term 2

'Inspirational People'

This term we will be looking at our topic 'Inspirational People' and focusing on the story of The Cloudspotter.

Each class will be looking more in depth at the person that has inspired their class name and thinking about what makes a person inspirational.



The First Christmas

18th December 2018


Today we read the story of The First Christmas and then we illustrated and wrote about our favourite parts of the story.




Dear Santa

13th December 2018


Simmonds have been feeling very festive after our Nativity performances this week and have started to think about what we might like for Christmas (if we're on the nice list - which of course we all are!).

We discussed how Christmas is about giving as well as receiving and that having time with our family and friends at this special time of year is just as important.


Here are a few examples of our writing ...








Neil Armstrong Timeline

06th December 2018


Today we looked at some of Neil Armstrong's key life events and created a timeline.



Neil Armstrong

04th December 2018


This week we are learning about Neil Armstrong!


From Outer Space!

29th November 2018


Today we blasted off into space and wrote postcards to our friends and families on Earth, to tell them all about our adventures. 

Here are a few examples of our fantastic writing!








28th November 2018


In preparation for our new inspirational person, we have began to learn about space.

We talked about the Mars InSight mission that has been in the news and why NASA has sent it there.

Here are some facts we discovered about the planet.


Aeroplane Show n Tell

28th November 2018


Year 1 had a very special visitor today who came in to show us one of his remote-control planes that he has hand built. He talked us through the different parts of the plane and explained how they each help the plane to fly. We learnt about the rudder, ailerons, elevators and the propeller.  A few children stood up and showed him pictures of their own aeroplane designs and many others got to ask questions about his plane.

We all practised a phrase which pilots would say before taking off on their flying adventure -

'Contact - Ignition - Chocks away!'


A massive thank you to Mrs Vaughan for organising.






Amelia Earhart's Journey

22nd November 2018


This afternoon we looked at the route which Amelia Earhart took on her 14 hour Transatlantic Flight.

The children labelled her departure and landing points and drew dots to show her journey. We discovered that Amelia Earhart's plane was nicknamed 'Old Bessie' and she preferred to set off on her journeys at dusk so she could land on unfamiliar land in daylight. 




Design a plane

2oth & 22nd November 2018


This week the children designed and labelled their own planes. They thought about what materials would be best for making the plane and then created them using paper, cardboard and tissue paper.

This morning we took our planes outside and tested which one would fly the furthest.







Then & Now

21st November 2018


Today the children looked at a selection of images relating to aeroplanes and they sorted them in two groups:

Then & Now

Lots of great discussions took place where the children were explaining their reasons for sorting the images as they did and talking about how these things have changed over time.


Amelia Earhart

19th November 2018



Today we had a visit from Amelia Earhart. She flew into our hall in her plane and told us all about herself.


We learnt that she was the first woman pilot to fly by herself across the Atlantic Ocean and then attempted to fly around the World with one of her friends. We discussed together about what we might need to take with us on an adventure such as; a map, a compass, food, water, binoculars and some clothes! We also shared some advice about flying, including what was important to think about before and making sure that we don’t crash into anything!


In our classroom we came up with lots of questions we still wanted to know. This included:

  1. What colour was the plane?
  2. How long did it take?
  3. Why did she wear goggles?
  4. How big was the plane?
  5. How big was the Atlantic Ocean?
  6. How high did she fly?

A Special Visitor

14th November 2018


Today we had a very special visitor in year 1. One of our lovely parents is a nurse and kindly came in to talk to the children about all of the inspiring work that doctors and nurses do to help make us better when we are poorly. 

She showed us 4 different styles of uniform that she has worn as a nurse, and even brought in some equipment for the children to have a practice with. They had great fun trying on gloves; bandaging each other up; and listening to each others heartbeat with the stethoscope. She answered lots of our questions and talked about how we can help keep ourselves healthy by exercising; eating and drinking well and especially lots of hand washing to get rid of germs.


A BIG thank you to Miss Morgan for organising this event!





The Cloudspotter

wk 12th November 2018


This week we introduced our story of the term, The Cloudspotter by Tom McLaughlin.

We had lots of discussions around friendships and all agreed that having friends around us makes us feel happier. 

We wrote sentences to describe Franklin's personality, such as 'He is kind', 'He is creative', and 'He is strong.' The children also looked at the variety of different cloud formations and just like Franklin, we became 'cloudspotters' and created shapes in the clouds using our imagination. Here are a few examples of what we saw...




Ellie Simmonds

wk 29th October 2018



This week we have been talking lots about Ellie Simmonds - the British Paralympian swimmer and have produced some fantastic fact files during our Big Write. Here are some of the facts we have found out about Ellie  ...


- She was born on the 11th September 1994 in Walsall, England

Ellie has a condition called Dwarfism and is 4ft tall

- Ellie has won 8 medals in the Paralympic Games

Term 1

'Manor Through the Ages'


This term we will be looking at our topic 'Manor Through the Ages' and focusing on the story of The Three Little Pigs. 

Each class is a different pigs house, Simmonds is the House of Sticks.


For our topic introduction, the children went on a hunt around the Year 1 classrooms to find clues of what had happened. 

They found:

  • Footprints in the hallway. 
  • Three pigs in different classrooms. 
  • The wolf hiding in the conservatory. 


Science / DT

Our 3 Houses

18th October 2018


Here are some of the fantastic houses that the children designed and made in small groups. The children worked really well together; cooperating; listening to one another and sharing the resources. 

The children have selected 3 houses for our science investigation tomorrow, where we are going to test which one is the strongest and won't fall down when blown at with a hairdryer. 

What are your predictions?



Building Designers

wk 08th October 2018


This week the children have been drawing out some building plans ready for our science investigation. They have been thinking about which material will make the strongest house and if the big bad Wolf will be able to blow it down. 





Special Delivery

10th October 2018



Last week we received a letter from none other than The Big Bad Wolf himself, asking for our help!

He had heard all about how much Simmonds Class have loved reading the traditional tale of the Three Little Pigs and the tale with a twist, and wrote to us with a special task.

The Big Bad Wolf had been thinking about how unkind he had been with all of his 'huffing and puffing' and asked us to help him write an apology letter to the Three Little Pigs. 

Simmonds Class thought long and hard and had a big discussion and we all agreed that we could help to resolve this issue. Everyone wrote their own letter to say sorry and even invited the Three Little Pigs round for tea and cake. 

Beware of The Big, Bad Wolf!

28th September 2018


Once upon a time ...

21st September 2018


In our BIG write today, the children re-told the story of The Three Little Pigs through story mapping.

Story mapping is a great way of visually telling a story and allows the children to re-tell the main events, characters and phrases in their own words. Here are a couple of examples; one an independent piece of writing and the other supported by a teacher.