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Manor Through the Ages


This term we will be looking at our topic 'Manor Through the Ages' and focusing on the story of The Three Little Pigs. 

Each class is a different pigs house, Simmonds is the House of Sticks.


For our topic introduction, the children went on a hunt around the Year 1 classrooms to find clues of what had happened. 

They found:

  • Footprints in the hallway. 
  • Three pigs in different classrooms. 
  • The wolf hiding in the conservatory. 


Special Delivery

10th October 2018



Last week we received a letter from none other than The Big Bad Wolf himself, asking for our help!

He had heard all about how much Simmonds Class have loved reading the traditional tale of the Three Little Pigs and the tale with a twist, and wrote to us with a special task.

The Big Bad Wolf had been thinking about how unkind he had been with all of his 'huffing and puffing' and asked us to help him write an apology letter to the Three Little Pigs. 

Simmonds Class thought long and hard and had a big discussion and we all agreed that we could help to resolve this issue. Everyone wrote their own letter to say sorry and even invited the Three Little Pigs round for tea and cake. 

Beware of The Big, Bad Wolf!

28th September 2018


Once upon a time ...

21st September 2018


In our BIG write today, the children re-told the story of The Three Little Pigs through story mapping.

Story mapping is a great way of visually telling a story and allows the children to re-tell the main events, characters and phrases in their own words. Here are a couple of examples; one an independent piece of writing and the other supported by a teacher.