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This Weeks Homework

Homework will be given out every Wednesday and will need to be returned to school the following Monday.


Your child has been learning Speed Sounds in school as part of their Read Write Inc. Phonics lessons. This book has been sent home so your child can practise reading the sounds at home.

The date on each page will show you which sounds your child has learnt. Ask your child to say the sound on each right-hand page. If they can't, turn the page to remind them of the picture prompt and phrase they have learnt for the sound. Then ask your child to read the words. 


Your child can also practise reading sounds they have previously learnt but it is important not to move on to a new sound until it has been taught in school.


Weekly Homework Tasks


12th December - This week our new sound is 'ar'


05th December Please complete page 29 of your blue maths book on Subtraction.


28th November - Your child has been set two tasks on EducationCity which follow on from our lessons on 2D and 3D shapes. You need to access EducationCity via RM unify using your child's unique username and password (a letter with these details was sent home in September). If you have forgotten your child's login details, please speak to Mrs Harris. Thank you.


This week our new sound is 'oo'


21st November - Please complete page 27 of your blue maths book on Adding.


14th November - This week our new sound is 'oo'


07th November - Please complete page 17 of your blue maths book on Numberlines.


31st October - This week our new sound is 'ow'


17th October - Over half term, your child needs to complete page 13 and 21 of their blue maths book.

Please do not complete any other pages unless requested to do so as homework will follow on from our lessons.  Due back Monday 29th October.


10th October - This week our new sound is 'igh' 


03rd October - This week your child has 2 maths activities to complete on EducationCity which follow on from their lessons. Letters were sent home last week with details on how to access this site along with your child's individual login details. Please speak to Mrs Harris if you have any problems.

There is no need to print off the certificate after completion as I am able to see which children have completed the tasks online. The tasks are available from 3rd - 7th October.


26th September - This week our new sound is 'ee'


19th September - This week our new sound is 'ay'