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This weeks homework


Homework each week will either be Maths or Phonics alongside their reading books. 


Homework is given out on a Wednesday and needs to be back in school the following Monday.

Maths Homework - 5.12.18


Please complete page 29 of your blue maths book on Subtraction.

Phonics Homework - 28.11.18


This week our sound is 'ar' for 'Start the car'. 

Please practice this sound at home.

Maths Homework - 21.11.18


Please complete page 27 of your blue maths book on Adding.


Phonics Homework - 14.11.18


This week our new sound is 'oo' for 'Look at a book'. 

Please practice this sound at home. 

Maths Homework - 7.11.18


Please complete page 17 of your blue maths book on Numberlines.

Phonics Homework - 31.10.18


This week the homework is the sound 'oo' for Poo at the Zoo. 

Please practice this sound at home. 

Maths Homework - 17.10.18


This week each child has been given a Maths Homework Book. 


The two pages are about Number Bonds to 10 and Counting How Many. We have worked on these topics in class. 

Two pages have been marked to complete. Page 13 and 21 only. 


Please complete these pages and then mark them before they come back - the answers are in the middle of the book. 


The books need to be back in school on Monday 29th October. 

Phonics Homework -  10.10.18


This weeks sound is 'ow' as in 'Blow the Snow'. 


Practise this sound as go back and review the other sounds you have learnt. 

Phonics Homework - 3.10.18


This week we are practising the sound 'igh' for 'Fly high'. 

Please practice this sound at home. 

Phonics Homework - 26/9/18

This week we are working on the sound 'ee'. 

This sound has been dated in their phonics book if they were handed back. 


Please can all homework books be back on Monday 1st October.

Phonics Homework - 19/9/18


The phonics homework for this week is keep practising the sound 'ay'. 


Please do not move on further with the sounds as we will be sending the next sound out for the next homework. 


You can practice the sound in words or by playing games!