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Welcome to Rowling Class (Year 2)

Rowling Class banner Our teacher is Mrs Cresswell and our Teaching Partner is Mrs Tregear.
Each term there will be a short presentation for each year group to help explain what your children will be learning this term, share the class timetable, discuss homework and answer any questions you may have. The presentation will last no more than 20 minutes and will be straight after school in your child's classroom. Year 2's presentation will be on the first Tuesday of every half term: 

30th October 2018

8th January 2019

26th February 2019

23rd April 2019

4th June 2019 


Friday 19th October


Phew, what an exciting half term! I hope you are all looking forward to the holiday, and will be back refreshed and ready to learn about "Inspirational People" in November. We have continued to talk about new books and authors, and were lucky enough to receive a series of books called Isadora Moon by Harriet Muncaster. We drew names out of a hat to choose who could take the books home first over half term. If you were lucky enough to borrow one, please look after it and write or perform a review of it.


If you are happy for me to share the review online, bring it in after half term (or email me a photo or video to The author would love to see them!


Wednesday 17th October


We are all looking forward to seeing our parents or grandparents at the tea party tomorrow afternoon!

Don't forget it is school photos on Friday so smart school uniform please.


Rowling Class have been doing so much reading at home, I am very impressed! We earned a free book from a publisher, "Nice Work for the Cat and the King" by Nick Sharratt, and children are taking it in turns to borrow it and write reviews. Evie's is published here . Alice even drew a picture for her review! Mrs Cresswell sent a message to Nick Sharratt, the author and illustrator, and he replied to our class!




Friday 12th October 2018

All of Year 2 have been having fun preparing for our tea party. Yesterday, we started making decorations and learned all about tie-dying. We tied up t-shirts with rubber bands, then dipped them in purple or orange dye to make a costume to wear next week! It was great fun this morning opening them up to see what patterns had been made, then writing instructions about how we did it.

We had to be careful! Mrs Cresswell mixed up the dye.


Monday 8th October Forest School (Bread making)

Friday 5th October 2018

Mrs Cresswell and Miss Ashton's phonics groups learned about suffixes today; an ending for a root word which changes its meaning, like happy to happiness or sing to singing. We read a poem about a teacher and were inspired to write our own! Can you spot all the suffixes we used?

Year 2’s Recipe to make a Teacher


You will need:

Two bags of happiness.

Ten bars of chocolate to make her happy.

A big spoonful of madness.

Twenty bags of tea for break-time.

Ten bags of kindness and a pinch of angriness.

Four buckets of playfulness.

One big spoonful of kindness.

A cup of strength.

One cup a day of smiliness.

Thirty cups of joyfulness.


Friday 5th October 2018


Rowling class enjoyed a fun dance lesson with Alice's mum, who taught us a routine to Twist and Shout by the Beatles, ready to perform at our tea party on Thursday 18th October. The children wrote beautiful invitations today, using all the features of letters we have been learning this week. 

Our tea party will be held on Thursday 18th October in the Infant Hall. Please come to the Infant gate in Manor Road, which will be unlocked at the times below:


Dahl Class     1.05 – 1.35pm (Gate open at 1pm)

Rowling Class 1.45- 2.15 pm (Gate open 1.35 – 1.45)

Vivaldi Class 2.25 – 2.55 pm (Gate open 2.15  - 2.25)


Ben chose to invite Mrs Robinson and Rupert! He even used his purple pen to add commas in a list.


We have also enjoyed learning about healthy eating this week, and created plates with a balanced meal on them. We learned about different food groups, and how much we should eat of each type.


In art and topic, we learned about Bridget Riley, a British artist who was been working since the 1960s and helped to invent Op Art. We had a go at making our own Op Art patterns to decorate 1960s style clothes!



Rowling class also enjoyed our first week about addition and subtraction. We used a balance scale to find out which equations were equal to each other, by making them with cubes and seeing if they balanced. We can now write equations like 7 + 7 = 15 - 1 . We also enjoyed practising our number bonds to 10 by solving a problem where we had to match up the sides of triangles that added up to 10.



Friday 28th September 2018


We have had a great week in the sunshine! Rowling class started off on Monday with a fantastic Forest School session, where everyone enjoyed taking turns and working with their friends in creative play. See the photos below! In maths, we did well starting to learn the 2,5, 10 and three times tables. We used hundred squares to help us count in 2s, 5s and 3s and compared the patterns, and used our knowledge of place value to create other sequences. 


On Tuesday, we all received First Aid training.

We learned about how to deal with choking and burns,

and practised putting each other into the recovery position.


We have continued to learn about Pop Art in America in the 1960s and 1970s, and on Thursday we printed flower patterns using a cut pepper, then painted them with watercolours, inspired by Andy Warhol's Flower paintings. We were all very proud of the results. We were also fascinated to find out about the moon landing in 1969, and wrote descriptive sentences about what it would be like to be Neil Armstrong stepping out onto the moon.


Thank you for your amazing Roald Dahl props!