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Over & Above (also known as Hot Chocolate Friday)

Over & Above (also known as Hot Chocolate Friday) 1

Friday 13th July 2018

Bradley - Fibonacci Class for being a great music, sound and lights engineer for the Year 6 play

Lily - Shakespeare Class for her efforts in Gymnastics outside of school

Ianto - Morse Class for being such a brilliant friend during transition week and helping others feel more confident

Ben - Curie Class for being so clear on his goals and working hard towards them

Friday 22nd June 2018

Taylor - Nightingale Class for cheering everyone on in the running races

Thomas Z - Nightingale Class for not giving up during Sports Day and trying his best

Thomas K  - Nightingale Class for extra Maths at home

Courtney - Shakespeare Class for a great attitude towards learning

Lakhmeet - Redgrave Class for extra Maths at home and making her family proud (Pupil nominated)

Harmony - Hawking Class for being such a great Brownie (Pupil nominated)

Harry - Curie Class for being an orange pen ambassador and helping others learn

Elizabeth, Destiny and Skye - Morse Class for trying so hard in Sports Day and showing great Growth Mindset

Friday 15th June - Nominees this week;

Richard in Nightingale Class for trying his best with his Knight story.

Lily in Vivaldi Class for her amazing effort with her Phonics.

Ozzie, Jack and Dylan in Newton Class for going over and above with their timestable homework. 

Darcy in Morse Class for having the idea of organising a whole school charity day for the Ronald McDonald House.