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Maths Objectives

This is our termly overview  for Terms 3 & 4.


Comparing Groups

21st January 2019


In our maths lesson today, we have been using less than, greater than and equal to, language, when comparing groups of objects.



Tens and Ones

Wk 14th January 2019


This week, we have continued to represent numbers to 20 pictorially and showing how many tens and ones make up each number. We have also been exploring how to find one more and one less than a given number.







Know our numbers from 11 - 20

14th January 2019


In maths today, we have began to look at how we can use the part-whole model to partition numbers and learning about how that number is made up of tens and ones. 


Lets count to 20!

09th January 2019


Today we have been practising counting to 20 and writing numbers to 20.

We have also been exploring how to represent numbers pictorially and to solve missing number sentences.



Here are some of the songs we have been using in our lessons.

Counting Numbers 1-20

"Counting Numbers 1-20" is a fun video for kids that teachers how to count from 1 to 20. The first scene slowly introduces the numbers 1-20 by counting little stars on the screen, first counting from 1-20, then counting backwards from 20-1.

This is our termly overview for Terms 1 & 2.


Part - Part - Whole

11th & 12th December 2018


This week we have been recapping the part - part - whole model.

We have been experimenting with how many ways we can partition the whole number into two parts and writing numbers sentences to match.


Shape Creations

28th November 2018


Following on from our work on 2D and 3D shapes, today we began experimenting to see which ones we could create using straws and play dough.

Here are some great photos of their work.








2D and 3D shapes

27th November 2018


Over the last week we have been looking at, naming and sorting 2D and 3d shapes.

Please login into EducationCity for some activities your child can do at home on our topic.  





Find the difference

21st November 2018


We have now moved onto 'Finding the Difference' in our math lessons through subtraction. In our partners we have been using objects to solve number problems such;


'Eva has 7 cakes.

Mo has 3 cakes.

How many more cakes does Eva have than Mo?'

Find how many are left

12th November 2018


This week we have moved onto subtraction and have been exploring how we can 'take away' using a variety of methods. Together we have been working through number problems such as


'First, there are 7 birds in a tree. Then 3 birds fly away.

Show me how many birds are left.'


The children have been representing and showing their answers using the part-part whole model, number tracks and counters. We have even been writing number sentences using the - and = symbols.

Compare Number Bonds

06th & 07th October


Over the last couple of days we have been looking at and comparing number bonds. We have been working in pairs and using resources to help us match numbers sentences together and to prove our results. 


Number bonds to 10

31st October 2018


Today we have been using various resources and models to represent the different ways we can make the number 10. The children had great fun experimenting and discussing if they had found all of the possibilities and how did they know? Some of the children were practising how to write number sentences using the + and = symbols and others were investigating how to make 10 with money.








Addition and Subtraction

09th October 2018


We have now moved on to Addition and Subtraction in maths. Today we have been using the part-part-whole model and experimenting with how many ways we can make a number.





More Than and Less Than

01st October 2018


Today the children used conkers and pine cones to identify and represent numbers, along with the language of more than, less than and equal to.


We also learnt a new song:

'Along comes Mr Crocodile ready for his lunch,

He sees the BIGGEST number and goes munch, munch, munch!'




Autumn Maths

28th September 2018


Next week, our maths has an Autumn theme and will include matching pine cones to numbers and exploring 'more than' and 'less than'. Here's a sneak peek ...



                Counting back to zero

26th September 2018


Today we have been practising counting back to zero and filling in the missing numbers.



20th September 2018

We have been working on counting, reading and writing to 10 in numerals and words. Here are a few pictures of our amazing work!




Here are some of the songs we have been using in our lessons to learn how to count to and back from 10.

Shapes Song

A shapes song for children.

Five Little Speckled Frogs

This song is great for helping children to visualise 'taking away.'

Let's Count up to Ten - Counting Song

It's a counting song for young children. With superhero zero.

10 Little Numbers

A numbers song to the ten little tune. It's designed to help children learn the names and the spelling of numbers.

Counting Down From 10

Counting down from 10 helps teach kids to count backwards. And counting from ten to one with a blastoff at the end is exciting!