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Dear all,


We have discussed the costumes for our performance of The Tempest on November 5th.  We want to put on a modern adaptation of the play and ask that children dress appropriate for their roles.  If you can source items that will enhance the character, that would be great, but if not, we have a week when we get back to sort these things out.  Please do not feel that you have to spend lots of money on costumes.


We are still waiting for details from the festival organisers and the Cornerstone Theatre before we can let you know exactly what is happening on the evening.  We will be at the theatre from 1pm until 5pm and need to be back at the theatre at 6pm to finish at about 9:20pm.  We are trying to organise somewhere to eat at the theatre but we are awaiting approval.  We will let you know on the 29th October.  I apologise for the delays in letting you know.


Any problems please let me know.


Mr M Smart 

Our Tudor Creations

Our Tudor Creations 1
Our Tudor Creations 2
Our Tudor Creations 3
Our Tudor Creations 4
Our Tudor Creations 5
Our Tudor Creations 6
Our Tudor Creations 7
Our Tudor Creations 8
Our Tudor Creations 9
Our Tudor Creations 10
Our Tudor Creations 11
Our Tudor Creations 12
Our Tudor Creations 13
Our Tudor Creations 14
Our Tudor Creations 15
Our Tudor Creations 16
Our Tudor Creations 17
Our Tudor Creations 18
Our Tudor Creations 19
Our Tudor Creations 20
Our Tudor Creations 21
Our Tudor Creations 22
Our Tudor Creations 23

Homework 17-10-18


SPaG p.36&37

Maths p.12



Day of the Girl visit to Aureus 11/10/18


To celebrate and encourage females in the fields of science, engineering, art and maths, our year 6 girls experienced a STEAM day at Aureus where they:

  • extracted DNA from a strawberry in a chemistry lesson!
  • learned the meaning of algorithms in IT
  • raced to build 3D cubes out of post-it notes in art
  • experimented with magnets in physics
  • watched a science show with loud bangs and mini explosions!


All the girls had a fun day and were a credit to Manor school. :)


Homework 10/10/18


Maths P11

SPaG p. 8&9


Good luck.

These are the spellings for next week.  Some children will be getting different spellings after an intervention starts next week. 












Homework 3/10/18

SPaG p6 & 7

Maths p.10  (Apologies for the change.) 

3/10/18 SPaG and maths homework


SPaG pages 6 + 7

Maths - UPDATE - Just page 10

Poster for spelling 28/9/18

spellings for this week. 28/9/18











Homework this week is the following:

  • Maths p.8&9
  • SPaG p.4&5

In on Monday please.  Thank you.

I will have to swop the PE day to Thursday this week due to absences.  Apologies.

Don't forget we have our trip to the cornerstone theatre this Wednesday.


Thank you,


Mr Smart


Please find the spellings for this week. 21/9/18











Homework for this week:

SPaG page 19 and 21

Maths Page 6 & 7


A letter came home with the children today with some extra information.  A copy can be found below.

Any problems please let me know.  Books back in on Monday 24th September please.


19th September 2018


Dear Parents/Carers,


For Year 3,4,5 and 6 homework this year, we have purchased two CGP workbooks for each child. One covers the curriculum for maths, and one contains Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling activities. These will be sent home each week, as well as your child’s normal reading book.


We hope that these books will help let you know about what we are teaching and how to help you to support your child. Answers are provided in both books, so please feel free to check your child’s work with them, and discuss any problems they have found. At school, we will go through each piece of homework together as a class to help any children who found it difficult. If you have a particular concern about a piece of homework, please feel free to let your child’s teacher know with a note in their book.


Homework will be given out on Wednesdays, to be returned the following Monday. The children will be informed of the pages to be completed and they will also published onto the class pages of the website.  Please do not complete other pages of the book as the books are intended to reinforce classwork.


Having bought books for every child in the year, we are unable to provide free replacements. Therefore there will be a £2.50 charge if your books are lost. Please try to keep your book safe!


If your child is keen to do more, you can do extra examples on paper and bring it in inside the book. We love to see and reward extra effort! Please do not go on and do more than has been asked each week, as we will be setting the next pages for homework later on in the term. Your child could also log on to Education City (Through the Staff/Pupils RM Unify link on our school website) and find games to practise their Maths, English or Science.


Please also remember that reading for pleasure is a vital part of continuing to make progress in reading and is important to be encouraged!



Kind regards,



Mr Badger and the KS2 team.



Please find a link to a darts game which helps with quick maths.  It seems to work better with Microsoft Edge or Explorer.


Please have a go but remember that you need to end with a double.



The spellings for week 14/9/18 are the following:

  1. advice
  2. advise
  3. device
  4. devise
  5. licence
  6. license
  7. practice
  8. practise
  9. prophecy
  10. prophesy

Each term there will be a short presentation for each year group to help explain what your children will be learning this term, share the class timetable, discuss homework and answer any questions you may have. The presentation will last no more than 20 minutes and will be straight after school in your child's classroom.


To help parents who have siblings in different years, each year group will have a different after school session where ever possible.


Monday 17th September - EYFS & Year 1

Tuesday 18th September - Year 2

Wednesday 19th September - Year 3

Thursday 20th September - Year 4

Friday 21st September - Year 5 & 6


After the presentation, any information shared will be uploaded onto this class page.

Welcome to the Kandinsky Class page.


We will be having PE on a Tuesday.

Homework will be given on a Wednesday and is expected back on a Monday. 

An activity book will be coming home for English and maths. 

The pages that are to be completed will be written on this page. 

Spellings will be given on the Friday with a test on Thursday or Friday. 

If there are any problems, please get in touch.



Welcome to Kandinsky Class



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